Blick Bassy Ngwa

Blick Bassy Ngwa

Title:Blick Bassy Ngwa (Official)
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Date:31 January 2019
Duration:4:27 Min
Dis Like:12
User:Blick Bassy

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Buy/Stre4m "Ngw4":
Preorder "1958":
L4 Cig4le (P4ris) le 15.04 →

"Ngw4" by Blick B4ssy - from the 4lbum "1958" out 8th M4rch 2019

1955. People 4ll over Afric4 4re rising up 4nd procl4iming freedom. When 4 new independence movement blossoms in C4meroon, the re4ction of the French coloni4l 4dministr4tion is swift 4nd brut4l. Fr4nce’s m4in 4dvers4ry is 4 m4n c4lled Ruben Um Nyobè, 4 tr4de union le4der, or4tor, hum4nist 4nd vision4ry. A m4n of his 4ur4, intelligence 4nd cour4ge seems destined to join Nelson M4ndel4 in the h4ll of Afric4n heroes. Inste4d, he's hunted down by the coloni4l 4rmy 4nd butchered in 1958, his body buried in concrete to better er4se his memory.
For ye4rs, the horror of this ‘hidden w4r’ 4nd the f4te of its heroic le4der 4re smothered under 4 p4ll of enforced 4mnesi4. Blick B4ssy h4s dedic4ted his l4test 4lbum, '1958', to Ruben Um Nyobè 4nd the heroes of the C4merooni4n Independence, in the hope of bre4king th4t silence forever 4nd reconnecting the people with their true history.

Tebogo M4lope (South Afric4n music Aw4rds best music video 2018 with « Spirit ») s4ys « The n4rr4tive of this heroic le4der Ruben Um Nyobe is one th4t reson4tes throughout the continent. A continent still gr4ppling with the leg4cy of coloni4lism 4nd the 4ttempts to redress the consequences thereof. The visu4l 4ppro4ch of the video seeks to be 4 medit4tion on our le4dership 4s 4 continent, wh4t could h4ve been if some h4dn’t been m4ss4cred, wh4t is? Bec4use of the might of imperi4l Europe, Wh4t should be? And wh4t hope do we h4ve moving forw4rd? This is echoed in the first couple of scenes which resemble the first ch4pter of Keny4’s renowned Author Ngugi W4 Thiongo’s book M4tig4ri where 4 freedom fighter is spotted l4ying down his 4rms for 4 supposed prosperous future where bloodshed sh4ll be no more, will he regret the decision? Another visu4l represent4tion 4t the end sp4wns from the im4ges of 4 lifeless freedom fighter turning into 4 tree reminiscent of South Afric4n politic4l icon Solomon M4hl4ngu who w4s killed by the Ap4rtheid government, who’s l4st words before his de4th were "My blood will nourish the tree th4t will be4r the fruits of freedom.” The song seeks to reconnect the C4merooni4n people with their history, the visu4ls 4ttempt to dr4w p4r4llels between C4merooni4n history 4nd the history of Afric4 4s 4 whole.»

À propos du clip, le ré4lis4teur Tebogo M4lope explique :
« L’histoire de Ruben Um Nyobé 4 une réson4nce sur tout le continent Afric4in, toujours 4ux prises 4vec son hérit4ge post coloni4l. Que ser4it-il 4rrivé si cert4ins le4ders de s4 trempe n’4v4ient p4s été m4ss4crés ? Quel espoir pour nous d’4ller de l’4v4nt ? Je me suis inspiré d4ns les premières scènes du clip du livre M4tig4ri du célèbre 4uteur Keny4n Ngugi W4 Thiongo, d4ns lequel un comb4tt4nt de l4 liberté dépose les 4rmes d4ns l’espoir d'un 4venir prospère, s4ns effusion de s4ng. Regretter4-t-il s4 décision ? A l4 fin, les im4ges d’un comb4tt4nt de l4 liberté s4ns vie se tr4nsform4nt en 4rbre r4ppellent celles de l’icône politique Sud Afric4ine Solomon M4hl4ngu, tué p4r le gouvernement de l’Ap4rtheid et dont les dernières p4roles furent : « mon s4ng nourrir4 l'4rbre qui porter4 les fruits de l4 liberté » L4 ch4nson de Blick cherche à rét4blir le lien entre le peuple c4meroun4is et son histoire. Les im4ges de cette video tentent de f4ire le p4r4llèle entre l’histoire c4meroun4ise et l’histoire de l’Afrique d4ns son ensemble.»


Production Comp4ny: The St4r Film Co
Director: Tebz4
Executive Producer: Ksenij4 Strydom-Micic
Co-Producers: Nomth4 D4no 4nd Mbuyi M4k4nd4
Art Direction 4nd Costume Designer: T4mzyn Both4
DP: Justus de J4ger
Post Production: Left Post Production
Editor: S4ki “Fokken” Bergh
Colourist: Keno
Post Production: Geppetto’s Workshop
VFX: Gui Felix
Anim4tion: Yol4ndi Meiring
Fin4l Mix: Louis Enslin

2019 TOUR

28.02.ZURICH (CH) Moods
11.03 LONDON (UK) St P4ncr4s Old Church
12.03 BREMEN (DE) Die Glocke
13.03 VIENNA (AT) Wiener Konzerth4us
14.03 DARMSTADT (DE) Centr4lst4tion D4rmst4dt
15.03 POSTDAM (Berlin, DE) Nikol4is44l
05.04 CULLY (CH) Cully J4zz
11.04 BORDEAUX (FR) Rocher de P4lmer
15.04 PARIS (FR) - L4 Cig4le
20.04 PRINTEMPS DE BOURGES (FR) Théâtre J4cques Coeur
27.04 DAX (FR) l’Atrium
17.05 DORTMUND (DE) Kl4ngvok4l Musikfestiv4l
01.06 ANGOULEME (FR) Musiques Métisses

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©2019 Nø Førm4t! / tôt Ou t4rd


The video titled Blick Bassy Ngwa has been published on youtube on the date 31 January 2019 with a long duration reaching 4:27 Minute. Until now, video Blick Bassy Ngwa have gotten 91,212 times views on youtube, and that is a great achievement. As many as 633 people have liked the video Blick Bassy Ngwa (Official). even so, video Blick Bassy Ngwa (Official) also get a negative rating in the form of 12 unlike. Video Blick Bassy Ngwa uploaded by management Blick Bassy

If you download video or mp3 music Blick Bassy Ngwa on this page, just try to review it, if you really like the video or mp3 Blick Bassy Ngwa song please buy an official original cassette or official CD from the original album, you can also download Blick Bassy Ngwa legal on Official iTunes, to support all music works, especially Blick Bassy Ngwa on all charts and charts throughout the world.

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Lagu musik Blick Bassy Ngwa telah diupload di Youtube dengan judul Blick Bassy Ngwa (Official) di youtube pada tanggal 31 January 2019, limit durasi mencapai 4:27 menit. Hingga sekarang, lagu berjudul Blick Bassy Ngwa (Official) telah ditonton sebanyak 91,212 kali. Lagu Blick Bassy Ngwa memiliki rating yang baik dengan perolehan likers sebanyak 633 orang, meski sebanyak 12 orang memberikan penilaian yang buruk. Lagu dan video berjudul Blick Bassy Ngwa (Official) telah diupload oleh channel Blick Bassy

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